Our services

We serve clients from all three groups involved in the international hotel industry: operators, owner-investors and financial institutions.


Our hospitality experts offer clients a systematic managing their assets and identifying business improvement opportunities.

Our Asset Management services include:

• Benchmarking against relevant competitive sets
• Budget and financial performance review
• Capital expenditure review
• Title and form of ownership
• Capital and corporate structure
• Building survey
• Brand review
• Real estate market conditions, trends and cyclicality, and impact on the business
• Identify appropriate timing for divestment, refinancing and refurbishment

Our clients benefit from our expert independent analysis and unparalleled local and global market insight to help achieve their investment objectives.

We're able to spot market issues early and take suitable and timely corrective action.

To unlock hidden values and enhance overall investment returns, we develop a detailed, strategic Asset Management Plan, carefully aligned with our client’s strategic goals and objectives.


Clients come to us for advice at all levels of investment—from a single, small property or development project to large hospitality portfolios and mixed-use developments. Our advice is focused on identifying the best investment opportunity and achieving the best price with speed and certainty of closure.

We undertake:
• Bespoke research on target locations and regions
• Feasibility studies on target assets
• Support in negotiation, together with our Valuation colleagues
• Contract advice and due diligence
• Advice and contacts on sources of capital - see Financing

Our clients benefit from local, regional and global knowledge. We have capital markets contacts across a global network

We offer clients deep experience in hospitality real estate strategy and management.

This means a broader value perspective on property utilization prospects together with a finger on the pulse of real-time market conditions at any moment, anywhere in the world.

Investment Sales to us is not only about finding the right buyer for a property or portfolio, but also about creating a highly competitive process that produces the highest return in a timely manner.

The full process includes:

• Assess strengths and weaknesses, value and salability
• Assess the marketplace and how it may influence marketing strategy
• Review potential buyer types and targets
• Review lenders and their parameters
• Plan strategy and timing to meet your requirements
• Produce compelling marketing material
• Connect with the marketplace
• Negotiate the best price

We have an unparalleled investment sales track record covering the full spectrum of hospitality asset classes—from ultra-luxury portfolios to single asset mid-scale accommodation facilities and pubs.

Our global network provides access to the largest pool of investors in the world, both traditional and non-traditional.

We act for private and public companies, high net worth individuals, developers, fund managers and owner-operators. All have their own investment criteria and individual needs.

Every investment is unique, that’s why we tailor our solutions to suit your deal.


Valuations you can trust to help make the right real estate decisions. Hospitality asset valuation is a core advisory service and a business-critical process.

The process involves:

• Understanding the property and business fundamentals
• Assessing operating potential
• Gathering insight on market conditions and appetite from our colleagues around the world.
• Consulting underlying commercial real estate data

Owners, investors and lenders need to know precisely what a single property, specialized asset or global portfolio is worth in the face of rapidly changing markets. A realistic valuation you can trust is essential in making the right decisions for acquisition, financing and asset sales and to support due diligence, risk analysis, balance sheet reporting, stock exchange listings and assessment of company value.

Our valuations are informed by unrivalled real estate and economic research at local, regional and global levels. We look beyond present value assessments to understand market trends, competing hospitality properties and projected income.


An experienced operator engaged under a well thought-through contract can make an enormous difference to the financial performance of a hospitality investment and its ultimate capital value. Our Operator Selection team has the depth and breadth of experience to know what to look for and how to button down the detail to protect the owner’s interests.

The process involves:

• Setting appropriate success criteria
• Searching the market using our extensive database and global network
• Finding a good brand match
• Assessing operator performance record
• Negotiating commercial terms
• Ensuring operating profits and any future asset disposal are not compromised
• Working with the owner’s legal team

Our ultimate aim is to maximize operational performance and asset value. We can only do this by finding the most suitable operator, minimizing contractual risk and creating the conditions for an effective owner/operator relationship.


Unless specifically requested to do so, we will only act for / represent the purchaser or the seller. Our mission and assignments are aimed at fulfilling the expectations of the parties that engage & remunerates us. In most instances, if requested by bona fide prospective clients, and unless agreed otherwise with our principals, we will be very clear about who we are acting for; This means will only undertake to work for a party once a retainer is agreed, stipulating the terms & condition of our mission.

Our retainers have been tailored to be short, explicit, to define clearly the terms / conditions and mutual tasks of the parties. Our standard retainer also specify the amount of our fees (whether retainer and / or success fees), when they are payable.

Unfortunately, we cannot work for free as we have our own P&L to account for. Our fees are a percentage of the total sales and / or acquisition price (including any assumed debt). Depending on the time & scope of our assignment and our ‘’visibility’’ of the proposed transactions Tabah Capital Advisors will charge either, success fees (percentage of total price), and / or a combination of monthly retainer fees (deductible from the success fees).

This is one of the most important consideration for many of our clients, whether purchaser and / or sellers and in order to protect the confidentiality of the material and information which we forward on behalf of our clients. Unless specifically requested not to do so, we will ensure a Non Disclosure document is approved by parties prior to sharing information / documents. We will usually propose our Non Disclosure draft document, however are happy to use the vendors, if so requested.

Fee Share Program:
We at TCA recognise the value of confidential information & partnership. TCA will share between 3 to 7% of its own fees with third parties for information leading to a successful transaction (*). This fee share will be paid to the third parties who enable TCA to secure a sales / acquisition mandate on our regular Terms & Conditions. The Fee Share will be paid, in full, upon full receipt of TCA’s own fees.

Should you have any questions, feel free to email us at: admin@tabahadvisors.com.

We look forward to a successful dialogue.